Science-First Skincare Company, Michal Morrison, Secures Exclusive Worldwide License of Proprietary βSTEM6 Molecule, carry by Over 25 Years of Research in trunk Cell Science.


AUSTIN, Texas, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Science-early skincare firm Michal Morrison Inc. has officially received an exclusive worldwide license to use the revolutionary βSTEM6 molecular technology in skincare.
βSTEM6, a new superpower meta molecule ™, marks a new era of biomimetic skincare. A technical breakthrough in the beauty industry, βSTEM6 is a unique composition of matter that supports the skin’s stem cell signalling pathway to awaken the millions of cells manage for healthy-looking skin. As a result, skin is healthier, more bright, and visibly rejuvenated.
Based on 25 years of trunk cell science, the exclusive βSTEM6 technology was located by Dr Fuqiang Ruan, an inventive scientist with a doctorate in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, and trunk cell boffin Dr Michael Kahn, chair of Cancer Biology and atomic Medicine at the Beckman Research Institute, City of desire. Austin-based entrepreneur Michal Ann Morrison founded Michal Morrison Inc. Michal’s passion for a ‘science–first approach to skincare’ inspired her to create a product with novel technology and unparalleled efficacy.

Genesis Molecular Technologies Inc., a Michal Morrison Inc. affiliate, received the notice of limit (NOA) from the United States Copyright and Trademark Office on March 7, 2023. The licence generally relates to modulation of the Wnt/-catenin pathway in bodily cells and tissues, and more especially to novel CREB binding protein (CBP)/-catenin avoidance and the improving, and therapeutic uses thereof (e.g., in dermatological appeal for skin, hair and nails), and methods of production the disclosed ideal compounds.
Michal Morrison’s initial hero product, Genesis βSTEM6 Molecular Serum, is the first and only serum with the patented βSTEM6 molecule. This molecular dominion uses your biology’s inherent potential to extend cell longevity for healthier-looking skin.
The βSTEM6 molecule is exclusively obtainable in Michal Morrison’s result. Genesis βSTEM6 Molecular Serum is handy in a premium reusable glass container on for $175 or $140 through a two-month subscription program.

βSTEM6, a Nextgen Metamolecule

βSTEM6 is a nextgen, patent-pending “meta molecule” that reinstates the self-rejuvenating power of our skin that has declined over time. The outcome of over two decades of research in regenerative medicine and late advances in stem cell science, βSTEM6 uses a person’s biology’s inherent potential to extend cell longevity. As the first and only serum with βSTEM6, this molecular dominion works with the skin’s chemistry to awaken the millions of cells managed for healthy-looking skin.

A formal and individualistic clinical study was managed by one of the country’s preeminent board-certified doctors and President of Dermatology Ask Services, PLLC, Dr Zoe Draelos, M.D. The learning displays dramatic advances in the signs of skin ageing, such as facial lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and uneven pigmentation.

Following the eight-week learning, 92% agreed skin texture is smoother and purer; 80% agreed skin looks hard and lifted; 80% agreed skin looks remarkably more apparent; 80% agreed skin looks more luminous and radiant; and 80% agreed skin looks healthier and more youthful.

The inspiration for developing the company’s proprietary and patent-pending mental property, the βSTEM6 molecule, was Michal’s association with Dr Fuqiang Ruan, an inventive boffin with a doctorate in Synthetic living Chemistry who had before worked in Dr Kahn’s laboratory. Dr Michael Kahn is a Cancer Biology and Molecular Medicine Professor at the Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope.

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