Australian Woman shatter Guinness World Record For World’s Widest Wig


An Australian citizen has shattered a Guinness World Record (GWR) after she weaved a wig measuring 8 trotters and 6 inches wide. Dani Reynolds has earned the Guinness World Record allow for the world’s widest wig. The wig has been produced with the oversized faux-hairdo. The colour and the texture of the wig were based on her hair. Dani and her team created a foundation to support the massive mop of fabric. Taking to Instagram, Guinness World Records has posted a video where one can see how Dani has worn 8 feet and 6 inches wig. With the video, the GWR wrote:

All you need to know about the world’s widest wig

The support formation was made from a bike helmet, PVC pipe, pool noodles, cable ties and aluminium rods, read the Guinness World Record (GWR) press statement. After completing the substructure and blueprint of the overall hairpiece, Dani took the help of local artist Meg Wilson to create the fabric underlay, sew the synthetic hair, and make the giant pink bows. However, she also shared that her biggest challenge to achieving her target was making sure the colossal wig was perfectly balanced. Dani would not achieve the world record if the wig wasn’t wearable.
To achieve the goal to break the record, Dani and Meg spent around two months erecting the huge hairpiece. The material has cost around 4,000 Australian dollars to make the world’s widest wig. The wig was unveiled for the first time at the opening night of the Studios: 2022 exhibition at ACE Gallery, one of Adelaide’s biggest contemporary art galleries.

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Australia-based Dani participated in the gallery’s artist residency programme in 2022 which marked the culmination of their time. Dani has been inspired by Drew Barrymore’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon, however, Dani made the ” wig herself with Meg”.
The biggest challenge Dani faced was making sure the colossal wig was perfectly balanced. If it wasn’t wearable, Dani would not achieve the world record.
“Not having a background in structural engineering or large props-making made this quite a difficult task,” Dani explained.
Standing in front of the large audience in attendance, Dani joked, “I’d like you to bear in mind that Drew Barrymore had a high-end suite of New York props- and costume-makers at her disposal that made the wig for her, and all she did was wear it.

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Dani’s wig received loud cheers when it was brought before the crowd. Matt Johnson, a celebrity wig-maker who acted as an independent witness to the record attempt, said to Dani: “You’ve got a centre part, you’ve got some on-trend clips, layers, texture… it’s all happening.”
When asked what will become of the record-breaking hairpiece, Dani told us: “I truthfully don’t know.”
“This is a question I ask myself daily as I justify keeping the wig towering over my partner’s writing desk in our home.
“My dream would be for the wig to be proximate to the previous title-holding wig. I think it would be impressive to see them in a space together.”
Dani would also consider selling the wig if a hair-raising offer came in.
The idea to break a world record came into Dani’s head whilst working on a separate art project, where they created sculptures from their partner’s tennis trophies.

“That’s how this record attempt started when I was gifted his collection of Guinness World Records books while we were looking in the family shed for the trophies,” Dani revealed.
Dani said they are “still in shock” after achieving this world record.
As a brand new member of the Guinness World Records family, Dani is interested in meeting other record holders, particularly owners of the world’s largest collections.
Dani is also interested in whether Drew Barrymore’s competitive spirit will be sparked when she learns that her record has been broken.

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