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Pastor Danny Johnson (December 26,1982-February 24, 2023)Lord and Savior Jesus Christ go to be on Friday, February 24, leaving us far too soon but joining heaven’s glory and the reward of faithfulness.
Danny was born in Columbus, Ohio. He eventually moved with his family to Bozeman, where he graduated from Bozeman High School. He continued his education at Montana State University, graduating with a History degree. For several years, he travelled the world teaching English. During these years, he began to ponder his life and its impact. Danny loved travelling and teaching. But one day, by the side of a road in Australia, he realized the existence of a God even more significant than his expectations or imagination. He remembered the words of forgiveness spoken in Scripture. Leaving behind the carefree life of his youth, Danny began the pilgrimage that would consume the remainder of his days – pressing to know Jesus Christ and His death and resurrection. He returned to Bozeman to train for ministry at Montana Bible College. He graduated and began working as a college pastor at Grace Bible Church, his home away from home.

Danny loved life! His laugh was contagious, and his gorgeous tenor voice was unparalleled. He embraced every moment, from food in his travels to singing “Country Roads” with a busload of people trying to learn English. Joy seemed his vocabulary, and he never met a stranger. His passion overflowed in every endeavour. He never wasted a moment.
Danny loved his children! Every day, his return home was a delight. He enjoyed reading, playing, and singing with them. But more than these things, he loved being their dad. He strived to give them faithful training to love the Lord and think of others before themselves. Not a day passed without Danny praying for their hearts to be crafted into a spirit of devotion to Jesus.
Danny loved his wife! Nowhere was Danny’s passion for people more evident than in how he adored and served his beloved wife, Kate. His love for her was attended with much learning and many apologies. He never shied away from learning to love better. But every moment he spent with her was like a sunrise through the clouds.

The kaleidoscope of love he felt for Kate only matched his desire to serve and be with her.

Danny loved Jesus Christ! He found his greatest joy in the realization that Jesus had forgiven him every wrong thing. He could hardly keep silent about the fact that such forgiveness was offered to everyone through Jesus’ death on the cross. Danny’s life was an invitation. Breath and time were gifts to speak the reality of the Gospel. Though certainly struck occasionally by fear, as we all can be, Danny was never ashamed; he never wavered.
Danny loved people! Danny was blessed to be a shepherd of people. His days were given to leading Bible studies and meeting over coffee (always the best coffee!) with anyone who would listen or have a conversation about the goodness of God and the grace found on the cross. His work as a pastor was sometimes challenging but never burdensome. He gratefully embraced the mantle of caring for others.
Born in the heartland of Alabama on March 9, 1965, Danny Johnson Bozeman entered the world with a spirit that would propel him to heights. Growing up in this southern state gave him a rich tapestry of culture and values that would shape his journey.
At an early age, it was evident that Danny possessed a relentless drive for success. Even as a child, he showed an unwavering determination to overcome any obstacles.

This tenacity would prove crucial in shaping his future endeavours.

However, fate had other plans for young Danny and his family. When he was eight, they decided to relocate to Chicago. The bustling city offered new opportunities but presented its fair share of challenges for the wide-eyed youngster.
When Danny’s father passed away unexpectedly when he was only twelve years old, tragedy struck. This devastating loss left his mother as the sole provider for their family of three children. In this moment of immense sorrow and uncertainty, Danny found strength and vowed to honour his father’s memory by forging a path towards success.
Despite these adversities stacked against him from such a tender age, Danny remained steadfast in pursuing an education. He recognized that knowledge was essential to unlocking doors previously closed off to him and diligently applied himself academically.
Through perseverance and hard work, Danny graduated from college and embarked on a remarkable journey towards becoming a successful businessman. His resilience became the driving force behind every endeavour he pursued — propelling him forward even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds.

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