A look at the clown shoes vs. Jordans controversy from Paul vs. Diaz’s first news conference


Jake Paul and Nate Diaz have never fought each other in a sanctioned professional boxing or MMA match, so they have no official winner.

Jake Paul is a professional boxer with a record of 3-0, while Nate Diaz is a professional MMA fighter with a 20-13. B boxing and MMA are different combat sports with different rules and techniques, so it’s hard to compare them directly.

If they compete in a boxing match, the results will depend on various factors such as their respective training and preparation, physical attributes and in-ring performance. Similarly, if they compete in an MMA fight, the outcome will depend on their skills and abilities regarding grappling, striking and submissions.

Ultimately, it’s only possible to determine who would win in a hypothetical matchup between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz if they faced each other in a professional contest.

During a news conference, Jack Paul was answering a question when Nate Diaz, his upcoming opponent, suddenly stood up and walked off the stage while wearing his hat backwards.

“Is this guy going away?” asked Paul.

Ariel Helwani of MMAFighting, officiating the American Airlines Centre event, told Paul that Diaz was “going to the restroom.” Paul lowered his head and rubbed his right hand on his forehead.

“Jesus Christ,” Paul said. “I’ve never seen anything like this.”

In the leadup and fight, Paul vs. Diaz had many uttering those exact words.

Paul, a former YouTube star who makes a living as a prizefighter, has gained notoriety for his ability to provoke people on social media and his unique approach to boxing. On the other hand, Diaz is a grizzled former UFC star with a huge community following who choked out Conor McGregor and has built a reputation as a guy who will fight anyone, anywhere, at any — a distinction that he backs up over time. Don’t mind doing and re-doing

Paul and Diaz will fight here on August 5 in a boxing match. But the first press conference between them went down on Tuesday, with plenty of exciting news, notes and observations.

After a press conference of about 45 minutes, Diaz and Paul looked at each other for the first time, squared off by their representatives, Nakissa Bidarian, Most Valuable Promotions and Real Fight Inc.’s Jack Rosenfield.

Paul and Diaz stayed at a distance, though a hand-to-hand fight broke out when they had a chance to face off. The press conference was held at American Airlines Center, the same venue hosting the contest.

This will be Paul’s first fight since losing his unbeaten record last time to Tommy Fury.

As for Diaz, this will be his first fight since his UFC contract, which expires in 2022, is not renewed.

Fans can expect fireworks later this year after Diaz choked a man he believed to be Last month, Paul’s brother Logan was involved in a chaotic fight in New Orleans.

And boxing fans got exactly what they wanted — and more — during their press conference Tuesday.

Diaz left his seat twice during the event, which he labelled a ‘sketch-a**’ and ‘f****** rookie’ event, prompting host Ariel Helwani to pull the Stockton native back.

After leaving once, he informed Helwani to use the restroom and left again. Upon his return, he was confronted for being gone for a considerable time.

Paul sees a Diaz victory as a stepping stone for McGregor.

In November 2020, Paul stated in interviews just after knocking out former NBA player Nate Robinson. Conor McGregor, the UFC superstar, revealed that one of Jake Paul’s main ambitions is to fight him in a boxing match eventually, and McGregor likened Paul to his ultimate boss.

Some have closed their eyes at this time. But Paul has established himself as one of boxing’s biggest stars in the last three years, And now Paul believes he’s closer than ever to making the fight of his dreams happen.

During an interview with ESPN, Paul shared his plan to defeat Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor. He hopes to achieve what McGregor couldn’t – knock out Diaz – and make it the biggest fight in the sport’s history.

Diaz and McGregor fought twice in 2016. The first time, Diaz finished McGregor with a submission. The second time around, McGregor won by a majority decision.

The Paul vs. Diaz fight is happening because Diaz opted out of his UFC contract in September and became a free agent. McGregor says he still has two rows remaining on his UFC contract, and Paul expressed his belief that he could agree with McGregor and the UFC to have a boxing match similar to McGregor’s match with Floyd Mayweather in 2017. It is important to note that Paul has had a contentious relationship with the UFC, specifically with President Dana White.

Paul mentioned that it’s essential for us to collaborate with the UFC. He believes that since UFC is a publicly traded company, they need to make a profit. If there’s a significant business opportunity, Dana, the UFC president, should put aside his ego and consider it. Paul suggests that Conor, who wants to earn much money, might view this as an easy fight. Let’s give it a try.

Once Diaz finally returns to face them, the two engage in a mock fight as they slap each other’s wrists and stare down.

Many fans were in disbelief after watching the Jack Paul and Nate Diaz press conference. As one Twitter user commented, “It’s funny as hell.”

Another commented: “Yay. Nate Diaz said the press conference was low-rent, only to tell Jack Paul that he organized it…”

Another person commented that the press conference between Jack Paul and Nate Diaz was amusing. They mentioned Nate left to go to the bathroom while the media waited for the face-off.

Another posted: “This Jack Paul-Nat Diaz pressure is wild.”

One already said: “This Nate Diaz Jake Paul presser is hilarious.”

Eight? The 10? The 12? How many rounds for Paul vs Diaz?

Paul vs. Diaz is now scheduled for eight rounds. But the two men fought about the length of the bout during the press conference.

Diaz wants the fight to be more prolonged, which should be no surprise to anyone following his MMA career. Diaz, known for his incredible cardio, negotiated five rounds for his most recent UFC bouts, even if they weren’t main events as is typical protocol. Diaz said he wants the fight to go 12 games because he sees it as a championship-level fight.

Diaz stated they have been striving to reach the championship round for a long time, believing it would make for great competition. Diaz needs to understand why they aren’t extending the game to last for 12 years.

Diaz believes that since McGregor fought Mayweather in a 10-round boxing match, this fight should also be of similar length at a minimum. During the press conference, Paul said he would agree to fight more than 15 rounds, and Diaz scoffed: “Bro, that’s illegal.”

“Okay, I know he’s capping,” Diaz said, using slang to call Paul a liar. “You’re here acting like, ‘Oh, 15 rounds,’ like me, you’re trying to mix it up so everybody forgets it, so it’s a joke, and it goes away. Let’s do 12 rounds right now; it doesn’t matter to me.

Not a fan of Paul Diaz’s legal drama and personality

Diaz is facing a. Last month, an incident in New Orleans led to a second-degree battery charge in which he was caught on camera choking unconscious Rodney Petersen, a social media influencer whose shtick is that he looks like Jack’s brother Logan. Diaz’s team claimed self-defence. Diaz, on Tuesday, deflected questions about the situation.

Everyone involved in the fight thinks Diaz’s legal process won’t impact the contest. Diaz’s next court appearance is scheduled for June 28.

Paul, however, had some telling words about what he saw in the video.

“Diaz is a bully,” stated Paul. “He takes people out on the street and beats up people who can’t defend themselves. I wouldn’t say I like that. And he walks around; I think he might be a tough guy until he meets someone who smokes down for it, like today when he didn’t say s—.

Standardized testing

During a media scrum on Tuesday, a reporter informed Diaz of Texas Combative Sports’ zero-tolerance policy for marijuana use during competitions. The moment was quite amusing.

“Really?” said Diaz, who lit the joints several times during press conferences at the UFC. “Man, let’s move to California.”

Diaz’s representative, Jack Rosenfield, clarified that drug testing for the fight would be carried out by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency (VADA), which programs most of the major boxing matches.

“We’re talking to the commission and VADA about how it will work,” Rosenfield said.

Rosenfeld said getting Paul and his team on board with the VADA test was easy. Some allegations were thrown around on social media about both fighters’ use of performance-enhancing drugs. But Diaz said he doesn’t care about the drug test, either way.

“I’ve struggled my whole career with everyone being on steroids,” he said. “They know how to pass exams.”

Diaz added that he could come back positive for a specific substance.

“There’s a lot of weeds in the mines,” Diaz said. “Yes.”

Sugar Teams up with problem babies

Paul shook up his coaching staff by adding Theo Chambers and the legendary “Sugar” Shane Mosley. Paul trained with the latter before starting this breakthrough boxing career.

Diaz, for the most part, sticks to what he knows. He said he would work out with his boxing coach Richard Perez since he was a teenager. Diaz intends to invite professional boxers as sparring partners. He also plans to reach out to retired boxing legend Andre Ward, whom he has sparred on multiple occasions during Ward’s previous training camps.

Diaz is looking for someone between 170 and 210 pounds to join him. If you fit this description, please call him and join in on the fun. “Pro level, please. Let’s get the best of the best. I’m paying for rounds too.

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